The banking and finance team of Lekkakou & Associates - Law Firm has vast experience in handling banking and financial issues and we are continuously there for our clients (in collaborated with economists, tax accountants, etc. who are our consultants and partners)

Lekkakou and Associates - Law Firm

About us
Lekkakou & Associates - Law Firm established in 1992 and today is located in Elliniko region of Athens (Imittou str. 5 & Ap. Pavlou ), close to Vouliagmenis Ave in offices of 350 sq m.
Over the last decades our office offers continually legal services of high standards in Greece as well in Europe.
Our human recourses is composed by legal counsels/ LLM, academicians, members of ICC in both Greece and Europe.
Our Associates group is consisted of experienced and qualified legal counsels specialized in:

• Commerce and Enterprises Law
• Civil Law
• Banking Law
• Contracts Law
• Law of international Transactions and Refund
• Labour Law
• Public Law
• Bankruptcy Law
• Maritime Law - Maritime issues
• Intellectual Property and trademarks Law
• European Union Law and Law of Free Competition
• Mergers and Redemptions of Companies
• International Business Transactions
• Mediation


Banking & Finance

The banking and finance team of Lekkakou & Associates - Law Firm has vast experience in handling banking and financial issues.

Corporate & Commercial Law

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, success often depends on the skill and experience of your lawyers.

Real Estate

The real estate and property department of Lekkakou & Associates - Law Firm, for several decades specialize and deals with all matters.


For years, our team in Lekkakou & Associates - Law Firm offers consultation to various private sector companies that are active in fields such as green energy.

Intellectual Property

Our law firm deals with all aspects of patent and trade mark protection, from registration to enforcement.


Information Technology and Internet Law is an evolving area of law, as an increasing number of businesses.

Employment & Labour Law

The law firm Lekkakou & Associates - Law Firm offers experienced counsel and representation.

European Union Law

European Union Law has a profound effect on business in Greek territory.

Tax Law

The services we offer on tax law and international tax planning revolve around the administration of an estate with the most efficient tax strategy.

Contract Law

Contract Law includes the formation and completion of various types of contracts, and our law firm.

Bankruptcy Law

Every institution, corporation and foundation may face financial crisis. At Lekkakou & Associates - Law Firm, we work alongside our clients to provide solutions to any issues.

Family Law

Respecting the particularity of private life and the nature of issues concerning personal and interpersonal.

Konstantina Lekkakou

The Director of Legal Services and Legal Counsel of Lekkakou & Associates - Law Firm, Ms. Konstantina Lekkakou, with over twenty years of professional experience in Commercial & Company Law. She graduated in Law Faculty and holds a degree in French Trade and Economic Studies of Commerce and Industry of Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CERTIFICAT PRATIQUE DE FRANCAIS COMMERCIAL ET ECONOMIQUE).
She is accredited Mediator with expertise in Mediation in Commercial and Bank Affairs.
For several years she has served as:
• Head of Legal Service Department for a subsidiary company of a Bank Group
• Manager for Large Enterprises & Clients of a Bank Group.
• Legal Counsel of Large Enterprises, Company Groups, subsidiary companies of Multinational companies acting in Greece