The law firm K.P.L. & Partners was established in 1992 by the Director of Legal Services and Legal Advisor, Mrs Konstantina P. Lekkakos and is one of the leading full-service law firms in Greece.

For the past twenty years, with our qualified partners in Greece and the European Union, we offer a reliable management services for our clients’ affairs, having their business’s best interest as our first priority and giving emphasis on their business’s success both in domestic and international level.

We undertake cases concerning each law branch (particularly commercial law, business law and banking law –protection of borrowers). We also handle cases of real estate management, investment programs, international conventions, e-commerce, etc.

Our experienced and qualified associates represent and support our clients in terms of responsibility and confidentiality. We provide immediate, flexible and personalized approach in each legal dispute always in professional and reliable manner.

Our Law Firm provides overall solutions to companies since their foundation day, throughout their whole range of activities, bearing in mind that our clients not only need to know the various provisions of the Legal framework, but also need highly skilled consultants who understand their business vision and help them to achieve it, keep abreast of current changes on the Legal framework and of all the opportunities it offers in the business environment.

We are capable of providing comprehensive legal support to our clients. We can assist you in planning and structuring transactions; establishing and operating efficient businesses; adapting your operations to new requirements; or making strategic investments in any major industry sector, by maintaining your enterprise functional, efficient and competitive.