This is a time of global change in all sectors of the energy industry. Worldwide, the energy industry has entered a period of unprecedented development, while now more than ever global demand for green energy solutions is rising.

For years, our team in Κ.P.L. & Partners offers consultation to various private sector companies that are active in fields such as green energy, energy savings and renewable energy, maintenance facilities, photovoltaic modules, etc.

We have years of experience advising potential investors in a wide range of energy investments, ranging from onshore or offshore oil and gas exploration, to renewable energy projects.

Our legal team can advise and assist on:

  • Organization of investments in Greece of companies who occupy with the renewability of environment
  • Co-operation and information with the Ministries of Environment, Energy and Climate Changes
  • Information and support of taking funds of E.U.
  • National and E.U. energy Law
  • Public procurement procedures
  • Taxation
  • Regulatory framework in existence pursuant to the implementation of EU legislation
  • Obtaining of permits and licenses in compliance with environmental legislation and regulations
  • Environmental impact assessments and categorization of projects according to their effects on the environment