The banking and finance team of Κ.P.L. & Partners has vast experience in handling banking and financial issues and we are continuously there for our clients (in collaborated with economists, tax accountants, etc. who are our consultants and partners) for the purpose of investigate the all range of banking and financial transactions, by offering advices and services in subjects, like:

Bank Loans: mortgage loans, consumer loans/corporation loans / credit cards / leasing agreements

Often Banks impose illegal charges and debits. Our qualified and expertised in financial field associates assess the loan contracts known as “UNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS “ and the agreements concerning interest rates, bank rates etc.

We organize our clients’ reaction against bank’s attack and measures (restraining orders, civil penalties, acts of Banks with court’s injunction power).

Particular kind of loan is lending money in CHF. In such cases, borrowers undertake risk owing to the fact that the payment of these debt is in CHF , so it depends on the par value and the exchange between Euro and CHF at that certain time.

We negotiate with the banks or sue them in order to rearrange loan terms and the unfairly calculation of the debt.

L. 3869/2010

Our country recently adopted the system of protection of individuals under insolvency. Economic crisis leaded to the incapability of individuals to pay their debts. L. 3869/2010 offers protection of certain categories of individual borrowers who are not able to fulfill their duties due to the economic crisis and Banks are moving against the individuals’ property.

Our legal services include:

  • Inform the borrower about the procedure, the terms of the law and the law application in his personal condition
  • Prepare each borrower to negotiate with the lenders
  • Draft court paper in case of failure of the negotiation
  • Process of extra-judicial compromise
  • Restructuring of loans
  • Judicial and extra-judicial protection

Other services related to the entire spectrum of banking and finance transactions are:

  • Advice on corporate and finance matters
  • Position of guarantors on various loans, and/or lease agreements
  • Reviewing and/or drafting of project finance and security documentation
  • Loan agreements, interest rates, and mortgages
  • Obligations and responsibilities of banking institutions with regards to procedures to inform prospective guarantors and/or debtors of their liabilities
  • Advice of conflict of law issues
  • Project finance and asset finance
  • Financing of international trade
  • Stock exchange regulations